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Data privacy statement

Statement of Data Protection Conditions for the Internet

The web page operator takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. When we process the personal data that is collected during your visits to our web site, we always observe the rules laid down in the applicable data protection laws. Your data will not be disclosed publicly by us, nor transferred to any third parties without your consent.

In the following sections, we explain what types of data we record when you visit our web site, and precisely how they are used.

1. Recording and processing of data in connection with access over the Internet

When you visit our web sites, there will be no storage of your personal data on the web server of our service provider.

We do not compile personal profiles of users. The German Teleservices Act (Telemediengesetz TMG) 15 Abs. 3 states that user profiles are permissible under the condition that pseudonyms are used, and on condition that the user does not withhold consent. If we intend to make use of this option anywhere on our internet site, a notice informing you of your right to withdraw consent will be posted on the corresponding page.

When you use our contact form, our service provider processes the given information, transmits them via E-mail to us and the sender and stores them.

Apart from the special cases cited above, we do not process personal data without first obtaining your explicit consent to do so.

2. Use and transfer of personal data

All use of your personal data is confined to the purposes stated above, and is only undertaken to the extent necessary for these purposes.

Personal data will not be transferred to government bodies or public authorities except in order to comply with mandatory national legislation or if the transfer of such data should be necessary in order to take legal action in cases of fraudulent access to our network infrastructure. Personal data will not be transferred to third parties for any other purpose.

3. Cookies

We do not use any cookies on our web site.

4. Links to web sites operated by other providers

Our web pages may contain links to other providers’ web pages. We would like to point out that this statement of data protection conditions applies exclusively to our web pages. We have no way of influencing the practices of other providers with respect to data protection, nor do we carry out any checks to ensure that they conform with the relevant legislation.

5. Right to information and contact data

You have a legal right to inspect any stored data concerning your person, and also the right to demand their correction or deletion, and to withdraw your consent for their further use.

If you wish to obtain information on your personal data, or want us to correct or erase such data, or if you have any other questions concerning the use of personal data held by us, please contact our managing director. You will find the contact details in the imprint.  

If you communicate with us by e-mail, please take note that the content of unencrypted e-mails can be intercepted and openly read by unintended parties. For this reason, we recommend that confidential information should be transmitted in encrypted form or sent by post in the traditional way.
In accordance with prevailing legal regulations, we may provide information to criminal prosecution authorities and courts for prosecution purposes.

6. Acceptance, validity and modification of data protection conditions

This present statement of data protection conditions came into effect on February 16, 2010.

As our web site evolves, and new technologies come into use, it may become necessary to amend the statement of data protection conditions.  We reserve the right to modify its data protection conditions at any time, with effect as of a future date. We recommend that you re-read the latest version from time to time.

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